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Day 12 of #12DaysofManufacturing - 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Day 12 of #12DaysofManufacturing.... 'twas the night before Christmas.... 
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Day 11 of #12DaysofManufacturing - Range in Sizes

Day 11of #12DaysofManufacturing - SizeBTM's capabilities for size range from 3/16" through 4" diameter in a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. This coupled with our extensive array of production equipment gives us manufacturing capabilies which are unparalleled in the industry. 
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Day 10 of #12DaysofManufacturing - Experienced Staff

Day 10 of #12DaysofManufacturing - exceptional service, experienced staff and family values. 
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Day 9 of #12DaysofManufacturing - 100+ Years of Family Experience

Day 9 of #12DaysofManufacturing - BTM is a family owned and operated business with over 100 years of manufacturing and distribution experience within the Davis family. 
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Day 8 of #12DaysofManufacturing - FEMA Member

Day 8 of #12DaysofManufacturing - For over 38 years, BTM has been a proud member of Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association, FEMA.  Ready the full article here!
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