BTM Exhibits at FEMA's Supply Summit & Showcase in Omaha

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BTM Manufacturing is exhibiting at the FEMA Supply Summit & Showcase in Omaha, NE this week. The goal of the summit is to bring manufacturers and suppliers together, which allows for a perfect platform to do so. Here are a few pictures from the summit!

On the first day, with the temperamental Omaha weather, the outdoor golf event was taken indoors, but equally as much fun!


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The general session on Thursday, April 19th, featured James Mintert on the topic of: US Ag Economy: What Are Farmers Telling Us? This session was insightful to see the industry from the farmers' perspective, and how we, as custom manufacturers, can better serve the industry. 

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BTM Manufacturing has been a proud member Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA) since 1979… 38 years and going strong! The St. Louis-based association represents over 720 members, within the USA and Canada, including manufacturers of specialized agricultural equipment, suppliers, and distributors. 

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