BTM's President Featured in Latest Fully Threaded Radio Episode

Jake Davis, President of BTM Manufacturing, is featured on the latest episode of Fully Threaded Radio (episode #164 - Safe & Effective). Fully Threaded Radio hosts Brian Musker & Eric Dudas speak with Jake Davis of BTM Manufacturing and Bob Baer of Abbott-Interfast. Listen to the latest episode here:

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It’s safe to say Jake “Valdez” Davis of BTM Manufacturing and Bob “GQ” Baer of Abbott-Interfast have been training with varying degrees of intensity, but will their efforts prove effective during the upcoming Tough Mudder event? They compare notes on race prep, current supply chain craziness, and the MWFA super-event happening this summer. (18:52) George Schrull of Buckeye Fasteners describes new “lights out” fabrication capabilities, and confirms there will be plenty of proven fastener-related malted medicinals at this year’s fastener shows. (1:48:57) On the Fastener News Report, Mike McNulty hosts Hayes Bolt & Supply VP, Kelly Cole with FDI coverage, headline round up, and Mike’s Back Page Report. (1:06:56)  Industry educator Carmen Vertullo injects his brand of fastener biz know-how during the Fastener Training Minute, covering technical considerations when suggesting substitute parts for your customer. (1:39:15) BONUS JAB: From the studio of quasi-retirement, industry veteran Dick Ripleytorches the fret board with a jammin' fastener industry debut! (2:28:05) Brian and Eric confirm that most people have no business screwing with complex software systems. Run time: 02:33:38


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