What makes BTM Different from other Manufacturers?

What makes BTM Manufacturing different from other custom manufacturers? The answer is how we provide customer service. From the inception of BTM in 1961, the Davis family committed to providing exceptional service to each and every customer served. The commitment to quality paired with a customer-first atmosphere has allowed BTM to expand from their first 320 sq. ft. shop to their current 100,000+ square foot manufacturing facility in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Not all manufacturers are the same. BTM continually strives for quality improvements in our raw material procurement, manufacturing processes and employee training. Streamlining of information systems, along with more effective data storage and accessibility are also areas of constant enhancement. BTM is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Let BTM quote your next project and you'll see the difference. Give us a call at 800-369-2658 or complete the online quote request form: https://www.btm-mfg.com/contact-us#quote-request

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