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Jake Davis Meets Margaret Davis Scholarship Winner

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Such an amazing day at Fastener Fair USA 2024! Jake Davis, BTM Manufacturing's President, had the opportunity to meet the recipient of BTM's 2024 Margaret Davis Scholarship. And a special thanks for Women in the Fastener Industry for bringing this scholarship opportunity to BTM Manufacturing! Congratulations, Jessica White from Wurth Revcar Fasteners.    

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What an Honor!


Jake Davis, President of BTM Manufacturing was recently awarded a special honor from the Women in The Fastener Industry, the 2024 "Man-Up Award!"  The Man-Up Award represents a vital acknowledgment of the commitment to support women within the fastener industry. Whether presented to an individual male or a forward-thinking company, this accolade honors their unwavering dedication to empowering women through the provision of tools, resources, and a supportive environment within their organization or the industry at large. Jake has always been an advocate for WIFI and their mission, so this was a special honor to be recognized. " all rock and I absolutely love your passion and dedication to our beloved fastener industry! I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude for being honored with the WIFI’s Man-Up Award. It is truly an honor to receive such recognition, especially...

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