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How to Find a Custom Manufacturer for Fasteners

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Obviously not all manufacturers are not created equal, so you may be asking... how can I find a custom manufacturer for fasteners with all of the choices? This article will provide tips on How to find a Custom Manufacturer for Fasteners and how to determine the best suited manufacturer for the project. (1) Experience. It's important that a manufacturer has extensive experience, and offers truly custom products to fit your specifications. BTM Manufacturing, a custom manufacturer in Kansas City, has over 50 years of experience, from u-bolts, j-bolts and spade bolts to eye bolts, anchor bolts and studs. Experience is key, as are referrals. Ask for a few of the manufacturers current and past customers, and give them a call. Feedback from customers can truly allow you to see what happens behind the scenes and the processes, best...
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Custom Manufacturing Turnaround Time

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For over 50 years BTM Manufacturing continues to focus on customer service. We recently helped a customer who had a very time sensitive order for custom manufactured U-Bolts. From the initial custom quote and PO entered into our system, we seamlessly manufactured, packaged and shipped the order to our customer within 12 hours.    
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